Client Testimonials

Here's What Several Trader Screen Clients Had To Say

We were given trade recommendations to buy call options on soybeans, corn and wheat, saw them soar in value and were told to exit in late July with HUGE gains.  Trader Screen kept us out of the grain markets while they did nothing for about 7 weeks, and then, less than 2 months later, we were just instructed in to buy put options on these same markets – they’ve begun falling and we’ve, once again, been profiting!
Stacy & Jake K.                                                   
Los Altos, CA

While many friends and acquaintances are watching their bonds go up and down in value, I'm making money on both sides of the bond market using the Bond ETF (symbol: TLT) - thanks once again to Trader Screen!

Timothy B.

Upper Saddle River, NJ


We had never heard of an ETF before a friend introduced us to Trader Screen and the use of regular and inverse ETF's.  They made it possible to make money in up markets as well as down markets.

Sarah & Carl J.

Orlando, FL


Although I've had some losing trades, my overall results have been extremely good.  
Keep it up Trader Screen!

Vincent D.

Atlanta, GA


I have been investing in oil stocks and mutual funds most of my adult life.  I was never aware of energy sector ETFs until Trader Screen introduced me to them.  Buying both call and put options on these ETFs have made me more profits in nine months than I earn in a year as a Chemical Engineer.  I'm still going and not looking back-thank you for your clear & simple 


Lawrence N.

Rumson, NJ

Both the Commodity Markets as well as Emerging Markets are starting to really gain steam - and, Trader Screen has put us in the proper investments and trades to take advantage of these growing trends.  We can't wait until next year when these trending markets start to really move!

Carl & Sarah M.

Newport   Beach, CA